Marvel-Avengers-Iron-Man Hulkbuster Armor

Size: 4 cm



Mini Iron-Man Hulkbuster Armor Collectable

  • Marvel-Avengers-Iron-Man Hulkbuster Armor

    Size: 4 cm

    A mini collectable which may be treated as a toy or a decoration for your office or home from all your favorite pop culture items like anime, movies, tv shows and comics.

    The Hulkbuster armor is a heavy-duty, exo-frame (an add-on to the Mk. XI Modular Armor) designed for maximum-strength amplification at the cost of reduced versatility and mobility. As its name suggests, it was specifically designed for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk. The armor was rated with a lift (press) capacity of 170 tons. During its maiden run, the armor enabled Stark to temporarily hold his own in sustained physical combat with the Hulk

    Franchise: Marvel

    Franchise: Marvel, Avengers, Iron-Man