What do the numbers in the Funko Pop box mean?

Funko Pops are one of the most collected items in the world. They have a line for anything and everything. Their Pop Vynl lines consists of tv shows, movies, books, games, music and everything in between.

Each Pop Vynl is sold in a recognizable box with a number for each and every Funko Pop Vynl produced. These numbers have helped and hindered collectors all over the world and has made many regular people Pop collectors.

So, what does the numbers mean? Well simply the older the number the older the Pop. Funko numbers their Pop Vynl in order of the sets that comes out. So, when looking at a Funko pop number you have to look at two things in the front of the box. Firstly, on the top left-hand corner you have to check which line the Pop Vynl is in. Funko produces many lines that consist of POP animation, POP Television, POP Music, Simply POP and so on. Then look at the number of the Top right-hand corner of the box. So, if your POP Vynl is numbered 173 and has the POP animation displayed on the left-hand corner then your Funko Pop Vynl is the 173 numbered POP on the POP animation line.

Different Pop Lines

Due to this there may be 2 different POP Vynl with the same number due to them being on different POP Vynl lines. For example, both Rey Mysterio and Chewbacca both have the No 6 on their respective Funko Pop boxes but they are from different lines Rey Mysterio from the POP WWE line and Chewbacca from the POP line.

Pops with the same Number

The other major issues when understanding Funko pop numbering is the why there are numerical gaps between a similar line. For example, when looking at the Stranger Things line which is categorized by Funko as POP Television are numbered from 421 to 428 and then there is a gap after which it starts back again at 436. This is because a different POP from another television show was produced from the number 429. Also, Funko sometimes leaves numerical gaps for exclusive one-off POPs. This has made many specific collectors uncomfortable. Collectors usually want a serialized numbering for their collection so if a collector is just collecting Stranger Things items then their POP collection will have big number skip which is unavoidable

So, the Funko Pops are numbered according to the sets they come out. They older the number the older the Funko Pop and finally two different POP Vynl can have the same number because they may be from different production lines.

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