Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse (My Thoughts)

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Into the spider verse is a great love letter to all Spider-man fans out there. The movie is littered with awesome Easter eggs including nods to classic stories and bits from previous movies, great animation and an awesome story filled with humor and emotions. The voice acting is superb and the casting director should be commended. I especially appreciate the casting of Nicolas Cage as Spiderman Noir as this move made the movie a must watch for me even though he is not in the majority of the movie.

The story focus on the origin of Miles Morales and uses the other Spidermen/Women as his mentors. I am fascinated by how they managed to get Spider-Ham into this movie and not feel weird. In the core this is a Miles story. The movie shows him adapting to his powers and dealing with change and loss. It is a fun ride for viewers who will be treated to funny moments as well as emotionally scenes that will pull your heart strings out.

The art style in the movie is gorgeous. The use of bright colors makes this movie stand out and the use of comic book panels to transition between scenes really adds to the movie’s charm. Without giving away any spoilers the climax of the movie is beautiful and is something to experience in the theaters

The main theme, Post Malone’s Sunflower is also perfectly integrated in the story. The song will be stuck in your head in a very good way. Also, I recommend you stay and watch the credits as there is an awesome rendition of Spider Bells just before the end credit scene.

Speaking of end credits, like all marvel movies before it there is an end credit scene that you will want to watch. It features a Spiderman not featured in the movie in an extremely funny scene which may or may not hint on a sequel.

All in all, Into the Spider-Verse is a must watch movie which I recommend you watch multiple times. It’s a fun movie that Spider-man fans will not want to miss. Sony Studios has had a bad track record when making Spider-man movies recently but if this is the sign of things to come I am very optimistic about Spider-man movies going forward.

Final Rating: 4.5/5 (A Must Watch)

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