Shazam readynerd casuals' Review

Readynerd Casuals' review is where we ask casual movie viewers to review a movie for us and tell us how he/she feels. This person is fan of pop culture but not necessarily a a rabid follower of a gerne.

The Review:

The movie core theme is based around family. Just like any superhero movie Billy Batson gets the powers by chance rather than him wanting the powers. He had to discover his powers Understand is his power and use it for good. The movie overall is attention grabbing and managed to grab my attention through out the movie.The acting of Zachary Levi was amazing as he managed to brilliantly play the role of Shazam. The story and the manner the story was shown was good. The movie had light humor. I would defiantly recommend this movie to casual movie watcher as the story is understandable and does not require knowledge about the DC universe.

Movie Rating: 3/5

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