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Guardians of the Galaxy

There is a new band of Heroes in the Marvel Universe. We see a young boy named Peter Quill who gets abducted right after his mom passes away. He grows up to become a roguish but kind hearted gunslinger called Star-Lord who is just like Han Solo from Star Wars but much more sillier. He steals a mysterious purple artifact called the orb from this Cree tyrant called Ronan the Accuser. We find out that Ronan has teamed up with the purple guy from the Avengers movie and learn that he is called THANOS. It turns out that the orb, the tesseract, Loki’s Scepter and the ether are all Infinity Stones.

Thanos is collecting these for some reason.

Quill joins up with a master assassin and thanos’s step daughter Gamora, Groot the talking tree, Rocket the talking Racoon and overly dramatic warrior Drax the Destroyer. Together they form the Guardians of the Galaxy. With some help from Quill’s Kidnapped and adopted dad Yondu they stop Ronan and Gamora’s sister Nebula from laying waste to the Planet Zander by using an infinity stone. Groot Sacrifices himself to save the team but baby Groot pops up at the end. The infinity Stone is tucked away safe and the Guardians fly off to their other adventure.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

In the wake of SHIELD’s destruction the Avengers have gotten back together. They attack Hydra and retrieve Loki’s stolen Scepter. They briefly fight two super power Hydra agents named Quicksilver who runs fast and Scarlet Witch who is weird (Has mind powers). Tony finds the Sceptor has a vision of the whole team lying lifeless and defeated and they all go back to New York to celebrate.

Tony and Bruce use the Scepter to create a AI called Ultron who could act as a global security. But it turns out that Ultron has a mind of its own, attacks Jarvis and tries to destroy the world. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the Avengers after briefly aligning with Ultron.

Tony and Bruce make the Scepter to make a new Avenger through JARVIS called the Vision and they all fight Ultron. The team wins but Quicksilver dies in battle and the city of Sikovia is destroyed.

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