Iron-Man 3

Tony Stark has PTSD because of the battle of new york and fights his sworn enemy the Mandarin (Kind of, The Mandarin turns out to be a person from Tony’s past and the the Mandarin shown on screen is just an actor to act as a decoy).

Tony’s mental health improves with the help of a kid and fights the Mandarin with all of his Iron-Man suits in a cool battle. At the end of the day Pepper says Tony and Tony gives up on being Iron-Man finally removing the Arc reactor from his body

Thor: The Dark World

Thor battles this dark elf who wants to use this glowing orb called the Ether to make the world dark( good motivation i guess). Thor defeats the dark efl, moves to earth with Jane and Loki perishes in battle (Well kind of, Loki disguises himself as King Odin and replaces him as King while Thor is in earth).

And the Ether is given to this creepy guy called the collector.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America meanwhile along with Black widow has now started to work as SHIELD agents. One day Nick Fury is shot by a mysterious Assassin and SHIELD turns of Captain America. It turns out the SHIELD was gradually infiltrated by Hydra and Bucky turns out to be an urban legend Assassin called the Winter Soldier. So Cap, Black Widow and Steve Rogers new friend Sam Wilson aka Falcon takes on Hydra and Nick Fury who is not dead helps to save the day. SHIELD is disbanded and Hydra is mostly defeated

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