The Avengers:

Captain America wakes up in present day new york confused and not knowing what is going on. Nick Fury enters with a mission. It turns out that Loki wasn’t really gone being the God of Mischief and has come to earth and has stolen the Tesseract. This time he has a glowing scepter that takes over minds and has already used to hoodwink Hawkeye.

So Fury decides to activate the Avengers Initiative. Coulson recruits Tony Stark, Black Widow goes to get Bruce Banner and Thor arrives to nab Loki. They all assemble in a Helicarrier (A helicopter plus air carrier) but keep getting into arguments. Loki’s team attack, Thor fights a raging hulk, Black widow fights a mind controlled Hawkeye and Loki escapes killing Agent Coulson in the process.

Now with someone to Avenge the AVENGERS fight loki's army of aliens called the Chitari in a huge battle of New York. All is won, they eat some Shorma and go their separate ways.

And at the end we get a glimpse of a purple dude which we will be very familiar with in the future.

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