Road To Endgame Part 2


Simultaneously with Iron-Man 2 and the Incredible Hulk there were these very good looking Norse Alien Gods crashed landed in Texas. The God in question is Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. Prince Thor was banished by his father Odin for attacking the kingdom of the frost giants. He goes on a quest with his new friend Jane Foster to retrieve his magic hammer Mjolnir which is located now in a SHIELD facility. He tries to take it but fails before he is about to taken out by a bow and arrow wielding sniper called Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Thor get captured by SHIELD and is interrogated by Agent Coulson but escapes but his jealous brother Loki who is actually a frost giant takes over Asgard and sends a magic suit of armor to attack Thor. Thor gets his hammer back and fights the destroyer which destroys the town. Thor then returns to Asgard, fights Loki and destroys the bridge between Asgard and earth. Thor is stranded far away from is crush Jane and Loki has fallen into a void.

Captain America: The First Avenger

In the 1940’s Steve Rogers was a sickly new yorker who had only dream of joining the army with his best buddy Bucky Barnes. He joins a secret science experiment that aims to create a super soldier. With the help of super spy Peggy Carter, a German Scientist and Tony Stark’s Dad Howard Stark he becomes super buff. Then a German spy shoots the scientist and runs off.

Steve becomes a symbol of propaganda and joins the fight overseas. He becomes a hero named Captain America armed with a special shield using an indestructible metal called Vibranium.

Hydra the evil organisation associated with the Nazi’s has this all powerful artifact called the Tesseract. It's leader the Red Skull with head scientist named Arnim Zola are making weapons with it.

Cap leads the fight, loses best friend Bucky Barnes but ultimately manages to defeat Hydra and the Red Skull. While saying goodbye to Peggy he neutralizes an armed Hydra assault craft by crashing it into the water and is lost to mankind as a result.

Later in the present time line Nick Fury finds the frozen remains of Captain America

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