Iron-Man starts with tony stark played by Robert Downey Jr. chilling with some army soldiers in the middle east, where after taking a few selfies are attacked by the same weapons he made and taken hostage. Then we flash back to where Tony is living the narcissistic bachelor life that Batman wishes he has. Here we also meet important characters like his secretary as future love Petter Pots, his personal bodyguard Happy Hogan, best friend and military liaison James Rhodes and finally his artificial butler J.A.R.V.I.S.

Back in the present Toy is now dependent on a magnet to keep shrapnel out of his heart he manages to upgrade the device using an ARC reactor, forges the original Iron-Man armor and escapes.

After returning home he vows to never let his technology fall into the wrong hands again and through a series of hilarious trial and error scenes manages to create the first fully functioning Iron-Man suit. He puts his captors out of commission and saves some locals while doing it and goes back home.

Later we find out that Tony’s Boss and father figure Obadiah Stain was the reason for his kidnapping. Stain steals Tony’s Arc reactor, puts it in his Iron Monger suit and he and Tony battle it out. With the help of Rhodes and Pots Tony defeats Stain and holds press conference where is his buddy from S.H.I.E.L.D. (think Marvels CIA) gives him a written speech to explain what happened. Tony ignores the speech and just says


Later in the first end credit scene Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury meets Tony and proposes something called The Avengers Initiative


The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner an incredible scientist has returned to the US. He was exposed to gamma radiation and now turns into a big green monster when he is mad called the HULK when he is mad, You know like regular people.

Meanwhile under the guidance of general thunderbolt Ross a soldier named Emil Blonsky is transformed into a HULK like creature called the Abomination. They battle it out wreck most of Harlem and Bruce Banner gets away.


Iron-Man 2

In the same time as the events of the incredible Hulk was unfolding. Tony Stark is challenged by a guy named Ivan Vanko who has developed his own Iron-Man armor. Tony Teams up with James Rhodes aka Rhoddy aka War Machine who now has his own awesome armor and they beat back an army of Vanko’s bots.

He also meets SHIELD super spy Natasha Romanoff aka Black widow who doesn't do much in the movie but has some cool scenes.

At the end Tony Stark becomes a consultant at SHIELD and gets together with secretary Pepper Pots.

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