Every Marvel Movie ranked according to their rotten tomatoes score (part 2)- Number 44 to 35

This blog post will rank all the marvel movies that have been released until December 2018. The movies are ranked according to their rotten tomatoes score and include reviews different website and reviews. Part one includes movies ranked from number 54 to 45. Enjoy

44. The Punisher (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%)

The Punisher’s 2nd outing in the big screen drew a similar critical reception as the first one. Also using a R rating and doing itself justice the punisher has a good cast but they couldn’t save it from it being a by the numbers revenge flick. The plot of the movie revolves around Frank Castle a regular person without superpowers getting revenge for his murdered family in many violent ways.

Critics reviewed the movie as “Ultimately, Frank's victim -to-vigilante transformation is so morally unexplored it's emotionally alienating” and “Gets us lost early in the first half-hour and never succeeds in completely luring us in”.

For me this is a typical revenge movie with fun action scenes but a very simple premise although I can say I enjoyed the movie when I watched it.

43. The Punisher War Zone (Rotten Tomatoes Score:29%)

We end our back to back entry of punisher movies with Punisher War Zone. Like the previous two movies we can see the similarity in quality in all three Punisher movies made in different times. This one comes 4 years after the release of the 2nd Movie. The story of the movie focusses again on Frank Castle and his destruction of criminals in New York City. He is getting revenge on criminals for the murder of his family and here battles the villain Jigsaw.

Critics didn’t like this Punisher too giving it reviews like “This was a terrible movie”, “A blithely depraved shoot-'em-up in which its glum protagonist cuts a retributive swath across a vast criminal underworld” and “You couldn't call it shoddy, exactly, and the actors take it painfully seriously; it's just dispiriting to see all this endeavor in the service of something so humorless and disgusting.”

I personally think that is by far the best punisher movie and shouldn’t be lumped in with the previous two entries. The action and story are much better. The pacing of the movie is good and have many awesome moments where you can feel that you are seeing the real comic book version of the punisher on the big screen.

42. Venom (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%)

Venoms big screen debut was divided critics and fans as reflected by a low tomato meter score but an extremely high box office. Venom is one of the most successful Sony Marvel movies to date as Tom Hardy’s depiction of the anti-hero was adored by the fans. As of right now this movie has a sequel in development which is all down to the fan’s reception of the movie.

The Plot of the movie shows journalist Eddie Brock get infected by an alien symbiote that gives him the violet alter-ego Venom. Now he and Venom must protect the world from a shadowy organization looking for a symbiote of their own.

Most critics didn’t like the movie giving it reviews as “A tone-deaf, uneven and maddeningly dumb clunker that never settles on an identity”, “Mostly bad-bad, with a splash and dash of fun” and “An entertainingly skittish performance by Tom Hardy keeps things lively, but Venom falls short of the bar raised by other Marvel movies, thanks to mediocre filmmaking and a refusal to push the boundaries”. Most of the positive reviews of the movies just praised performance of Tom Hardy and credited him for a good performance.

I enjoyed the movie and it was a joy to watch Venom on the big screen again after Spider-Man 3. This Venom was bigger and scarier which ultimately helped the movie. I can see why critics didn’t like the movie as the story is not that strong but apart from that the movie is a fun superhero movie and you won’t be disappointed if you are a fan of comic books. I think that it is a shame Venom has ranked so low on the list and think it should be higher than some movies we are about to cover.

41. The Fantastic 4 (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 33%)

The Fantastic 4 was released in 1994 and is Marvels’ early attempt to make movies. Unlike the movies of today this movie was a low budget movie and it really shows. This movie has a nostalgic cult following and is one of those movies that are classified as so bad it is good. This movie was made solely because New Horizons, the studio that owned fantastic 4 at the time didn’t want to lose the rights of the franchise. This movie was made with just a budget of $1.5 million. The plot is a fairly simple story where the Fantastic 4 battles the villain the Jeweler who in this universe is responsible for giving them their powers.

Critics have panned this movie for the lack of quality as “It's clear that all involved put a lot of heart and effort into everything we see, but it's also clear that heart and effort only get you so far when the purse strings have been pulled tight”, “A painfully silly movie, one with more heroic intentions than actual assets.” and “The Fantastic Four is a must see for any lover of bad movies. It's that awful”. But some critics loved the movie because it was bad giving it reviews such as “Roger Corman's unreleased cheapo version is not a lost classic nor a so-bad-it's-good yukfest. It is just a mundane B-Movie” and “It's definitely one of my favorite bad films.”

I didn’t enjoy the movie as I don’t have any nostalgia towards the older marvel movies. I was just a baby then so when I checked the movie out for this list it was campy and boring. I don’t think it should be this high on the list and feel that I have covered many movies that are worse off than this.

40. Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 37%)

The final Fantastic 4 movie in the list proves that no one has been able to make a good movie about marvel’s first family. This movie is the sequel to the critically panned but profitable Fantastic Four of 2005. Although this movie was better received than the first movie it didn’t perform well enough for it to get a third installment. The movie focus on the Silver Surfer when he comes to earth as brings with him a path of destruction and Melham. This movie also is the big screen debut of the iconic villain Galactus and sees the return of Doctor Doom.

The critics didn’t enjoy the movie calling it “An off-brand superhero movie, the cinematic equivalent of one of those generic breakfast cereals with a badly drawn squirrel for a mascot”, “The performances are ply wooden, the cornball visual gags are groanworthy, and Tim Story still can't direct his way out a sack with a map” and “Boring is the deal”. All its positive reviews are not fully positive as critics give the movie a complement on one hand and a negative review from the other as “Largely an improvement over its predecessor, this is a decent attempt at bringing the FF's adventures to the big screen, but still a few fixes away from truly being fantastic.”

I was looking forward to watching the movie as I enjoyed the first movie in the series. I liked the how the silver surfer was depicted in the movie but found it offensive how they changed Galactus the planet eating super villain into a giant cloud.

39. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 37%)

Unlike the Fantastic 4 20th century fox knew how to handle the X-men franchise. This is proven by the fact that the best rated fantastic 4 movie has the same rating as the worst rated X-men movie. X-men origins was intended to start a series of spin off movies starring individual X-men characters after the debacle that as X-men the last stand. That didn’t turn out as planned because the movie has good ideas including the debut of fan favorites Gambit and Deadpool but the execution was way off. The movie tells the story of how Logan became Wolverine and slows the journey into the weapon X program and his battles between rivals Deadpool and ultimately his brother Sabretooth.

The critics didn’t like the movie praising Hugh Jackman’s performance but panning the story and direction of the movie. The movie received reviews such as “Wolverine is as visually enticing as films get, but it still feels soulless. Just like in the funny books, pyrotechnics is no substitute for a well-told yarn”, “Wolverine starts with a roar before sliding into a chaotic, preachy mess” and “There's little here to get the pulse racing. For a summer blockbuster, that's disappointing. For a Wolverine film, that's pretty hard to forgive”. The only positive takes away from the movie for critics were the mindless fun action scenes described as “Did the plot points stick in my head five minutes after leaving the theater? Not so much, but I know I was having fun while watching.”

I can understand why this movie is considered as one of the worst X-men movies. The only good thing here is Hugh Jackman and the way they treated Deadpool by sowing this mouth shut is just plain stupid. Due to this I couldn’t enjoy the movie objectively and agree with the critics.

38. Daredevil (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 44%)

Ben Affleck’s first attempted to become a superhero as the blind vigilante Daredevil didn’t turn out so good. Audiences panned the movie calling it boring whereas critics classified it as a generic origin story. The plot of the movie tells the story of how Matthew Murdock became Daredevil and shows him battling villains such as King Pin and Bullseye.

Critics called the movie “A dull actioner”, “Gatorade baths and clingy clothes” and “Torn between moody grandiosity and cartoonish mayhem, Daredevil tries to have it both ways, and succeeds at neither”.

A 44% percent score shows that almost half of the critics liked the movie but when I read through their reviews many of them admit to glaring flaws of the movie and credit the high score to the great supporting cast. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the movie and found it too dark. But I did like Colin Farrells role as Bullseye as I found him to be extremely entertaining.

37. X-Men Apocalypse (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 48%)

X-Men Apocalypse had a lot of hype upon in release. It was the continuation of two stellar X-men movies “First Class” and “Days of Future Past” which had brought the franchise back to its former glory days after a few duds. This movie also introduces fans to the new versions of original X-men like Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey after years of not being present in the big screen. But the movie was just ok as represented by the tomatoes score and couldn’t live up to the quality of its previous two movies. The plot of the movie focus on the first ever mutant “Apocalypse” who wakes up after a thousand years of sleep and becomes disillusioned with the world he finds. Now the X-Men have to save the world from his destruction.

The Critics consensus to the movie was “Overloaded action and a cliched villain take the focus away from otherwise strong performers and resonant themes, making X-Men: Apocalypse a middling chapter of the venerable superhero franchise”. Many were disappointed saying “Lacks focus or purpose with some really jarringly violent moments that stretch the boundaries of its PG-13 rating” and “A nauseatingly predictable film that is genuinely dull to watch.”

Audiences has a more positive response to the movie and majority of the people liked the movie. I personally also enjoyed it. The special effects were great and it was nice to see the younger versions of iconic X-Men characters. I believe that quality of super hero movies for 2016 was so high with the release of Deadpool and Civil war, Apocalypse just got lost in the shuffle.

36. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 52%)

Spider-Man’s First appearance in the list this late shows the quality of even his bad movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is crediting with killing the Sony’s 2nd reboot of Spider-man and the reason Marvel Studios have Spiderman back. The movie had an awesome cast staring names such as Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield but studio interference and constant setup to a Marvel like extended universe killed the movie. The movie shows Peter Parker (Spider-Man) tying to juggle his personal life with love Emma stone with his duty of being Spiderman. The plot revolves around his battles with villain Electro and the introduction of the Green Goblin.

Critics consensus was that “While the cast is outstanding and the special effects are top-notch, the latest installment of the Spidey saga suffers from an unfocused narrative and an overabundance of characters”. Majority of the critics faulted the script as the movie’s downfall stating “Over-stuffed with plot and consequently struggles to invest the audience in any of it, since there's so much to get through and so many future films and spinoffs to set up” and “The studios and the producers have to split the difference, between excellence and adequacy, between darkness and light, between seriousness and fun. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 might have been split too far.”

Audiences were indifferent to the movie. Many praised its caste, special effects and tone of the movie. I epically liked how Andrew Garfield represented Spider-Man and found his quips extremely funny. Frankly speaking I loved the movie and enjoyed it very much. But even me a die-hard spider-man fan can see the bad plot holes and rushed story lines just to make and extended universe.

35. Blade (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 53%)

Blade is Marvel’s first major hit. Many credit Blade for boom of marvel movies like X-Men and Spider-man in the early 2000s. Fans loved this R rated romp in the vampire killing universe. The plot focus on Blade a half human half vampire, Vampire Hunter and his journey to save the world from the blood sucking creatures.

Critics said that “though some may find the plot a bit lacking, Blade's action is fierce, plentiful, and appropriately stylish for a comic book adaptation”. Some critics were negative to the movie saying “Sad then to say that Blade is, at best, second-rate pulp, hampered by excessive length, a thematically meandering screenplay, and a general lack of excitement” and “A silly, pumped-up techno-thriller in which Snipes spends 24-7 slaying vampires”. But others did like the movie saying “Creative cinematography and non-stop, decently choreographed gratuitous violence make watching this comic-book movie entertaining. In fact, it's arguably the best comic-book movie of the year” and “Wesley Snipes has the chops to play Blade, and turns the character in to a vampire hunting John Shaft”.

Audiences loved this movie and at the time was a phenomenal hit. I don’t agree with the low tomatoes score and am surprised that half of the critics didn’t like the movie. The movie is fun, action paced and does justice to the Blade character. It seems unfair that this movie is ranked lower than some movie that we are going to cover in the list’s next edition.

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