Every Marvel Movie ranked according to their rotten tomatoes score (part 1)- Number 54 to 45

This blog post will rank all the marvel movies that have been released until December 2018. The movies are ranked according to their rotten tomatoes score and include reviews different website and reviews. Part one includes movies ranked from number 54 to 45. Enjoy

54. Captain America 1990 (Tomatoes Meter Score:7%)

We start off this list with one of the older marvel movies. Marvels Franchise character captain America was adapted in his own low budget movie in 1990. The plot of the movie dwells in the post origin of captain America where Steve Rogers wakes up from a post frozen state after 40 years to battle with his forever foe the Red skull. The critics hated giving it reviews like “The movie isn't merely wrong for kids -- it's just all wrong” and “The 1990 Captain America shows the viewer, and any aspiring filmmaker, how not to make a superhero movie”.

When you look at the standard of the marvel movies today you can see why people are harsh on this movie although it is a fun super hero movie for its time which definitely hasn’t aged well.

53. Fantastic Four (2015) (Tomatoes Meter Score:9%)

This is by far the worst rated marvel movie to come out post the launch of the MCU. Developed by 20th century Fox who cannot make a good fantastic four movie, the plot tells reimagines the origin of the fantastic four where four young outsiders travel to an alternative dimension where their physical forms are altered to give them super powers. Their lives are turned upside down by this and they have to work together to save the earth from a friend turned foe. Unlike the previous entry this a big budget summer movie with stars such as Micheal B Jordan and Miles Teller but the production and studio involvement with the project was extremely bad which led the movie to be a disaster.

Critics Lambasted the movie saying the movie was “Laughably cheesy, bordering on Zardoz levels of simplicity”, “Outside of the casting, which had such huge potential, and a few character moments that manage to land, Fantastic Four is a roundly inert and pedestrian affair”, “A complete bore that wastes a talented cast and perhaps puts this series to bed for good” and “I'm sad and disappointed because this movie didn't just shoot itself in the foot. It shot itself in the face. Repeatedly”.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy the movie and found it a chore to watch it even though I was extremely looking forward to watching it because of the awesome trailers

52. Elektra (2005) (Tomatoes Meter Score:10%)

Our first spin off in the list Elektra ranks above the fantastic 4 by just one percent. This movie came into existence due to the buzz from the Ben Aflek stared Daredevil which was released just 2 years prior. The movie stars the awesome Jenifer Garner who critics praised for her ernest gusto but even her couldn’t save the movie from its bad script. The movie’s plot tells the story of the assassin ninja Elektra defying orders and trying to save her own assassin target Mark Miller and her daughter.

Critics revised the movie as “The problem is Elektra is not among the most compelling of characters. She doesn't have enough humanity and the story not enough depth to sustain us between fight scenes” and “The movie's dominant visual tone is bronzed grunge, and its emotional tone is depressive” but few critics praised Garner for her role in the movie saying “Everything comes back to Garner, though -- and even when the movie takes itself too seriously, thankfully she never does”

I personally had a good time with this movie but making a PG-13 movie about a Ninja Assassin may not have been such a good idea in my opinion.

51. Howard the Duck (1986) (Tomatoes Meter Score:15%)

One of the older movies in the list Howard the Duck made his big screen debut in a fun but not critically acclaimed movie in 1986. This movie has come to become a cult classic for me because of the strange main character and his reappearance in the MCU courtesy of Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The plot centers around a very family friendly version of the outer space living Howard the Duck (who originally is a beer-drinking and cigar-smoking comic-book character) who is accidentally blown into Cleveland by an errant laser. The movie then becomes a chase where Howard is chased by the government and Howard trying to get back home.

Critics were harsh on the movie calling it “the single-worst film based on a Marvel Comics character to come into existence” and “As you watch "Howard the Duck," you get the vivid sensation that you're watching not a movie, but a pile of money being poured down the drain.” But there were few who viewed it differently saying “Reservations aside, it's hard to fault the tongue-in-bill high spirits of a movie like Howard the Duck.”

For me I still have a nostalgic love to a movie I watched and enjoy as a kid, but upon repeat viewing I can see the problems and can accept the fact that it is nowhere near the awesome movies that would come in the future.

50. Ghost Rider 2: The spirit of Vengeance (Tomatoes Meter Score: 18%)

The first Sony movie in the list Ghost rider: the spirit of vengeance is the sequel to the successful Ghost rider staring the awesome Nicholas Cage. The movie also stars the always brilliant Edris Elba in one of his stranger roles. The plot continues the story from the first movie where Johnny (Ghost Rider) is still struggling with this curse as a devil bounty hunter but now has to team up with rebel monks to save a young boy from the devil.

The critics were mostly negative to the movie represented by the low tomato meter and its low average store of 3.1/10. The movie was called “The over-the-top outlandishness can't disguise that the whole 95 minutes represent one big snooze-fest.” and “Spirit of Vengeance is weighted down for long stretches in the middle, as it starts to treat its own religious hokum plot line with undue seriousness.” But few critics were entertained and said “The film, though, has some redeeming qualities, including the presence of Idris Elba as the obligatory good guy, who encourages Johnny to get Danny into the protective custody of a religious order” and “ If you're in the mood for 90 minutes of mindless nonsense-Cage is your man”

Personally, I like all the ghost rider movie and this is no different. The just love the over the top acting here and although the story was simple it kept me entertained throughout. But like I said in the previous entry about Electra a PG-13 rating may have hampered the movie as I think they could have done so much more if they aimed for a more adult rating.

49. Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) (20%)

This movie was an originally made for television but got a wide screen release so it qualifies for the list. The movie stars Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk. The plot of the movie is your run of the mill super hero movie where David Banner, thought to be dead but actually working as a janitor at a laboratory hopes to cure himself of the monster lurking inside. However, a group of terrorists are interested in the awesome power of the Hulk.

Critics reviewed the movie like “It's a feckless little outing for the Mean Green Machine, with a ridiculous romantic entanglement. Plus, at two hours, this cheap production is about 45 minutes too long” and “And it was not easy being' green”

The movie was very basic and you cannot judge the quality of an old TV movie with what we have now. Just looking at the movie I found it indifferent although I will always have a special place for Lou Ferrigno as the hulk in my heart.

48. Blade Trinity (2004) (Tomatoes Meter Score:25%)

The third and final entry into the blade franchise couldn’t do justice to the its first and second outings. People consider Blade as one of the reasons for the super hero boom of today and I can see why as the first two movies were great. But as many third installments of the 2000s to successful franchises like X-Men and Spiderman, Blade couldn’t deliver. Blade stars Wesley Spines as blade for the final time and the plot of the movie revolves around Blade being chased by the FBI and being hunted by the very vampires he has hunted in the past who is now being led by the original Vampire himself Dracula.

The critics were not kind to the movie giving it reviews such as “A train wreck set to a booming soundtrack, turning vampire hunting into a screen chore while it almost intentionally torches the macabre groundwork laid down by the first two features”, “I'm a great fan of Blade, the Marvel Comics vampire hunter played by Wesley Snipes. But a third episode, Blade: Trinity, directed by David S. Goyer, is a blood fest too far”, “If ever there was a case for quitting while you're behind, this Blade is it” and “It was very boring, and all the guns looked like plastic toys”.

I didn’t enjoy the movie either and found it mostly confusing and boring although I liked the casting of Ryan Reynolds as he made the movie more fun than it had any right to be.

47. Ghost Rider (2007) (Tomatoes Meter Score:26%)

This is a movie that has divided the critics and audiences. Some people absolutely love the Nicholas Cage staring movie where as others despise it. Either way the movie did well financially which ultimately led it getting sequel which was covered in this same list. The plot of the first movie is a typical origin story for Ghost Rider where Johnny Blaze a motorcycle stuntman has to sell his soul to Mephistopheles in order to save the life of the one he loves most. He now has to live a double life as a daredevil stuntman by day and a motorcycle riding stuntman at night.

Critics were were negative reviewing the movie like “Grand, empty gestures and loads of CGI effects can't cover up pure schlock. Even the character's ironically cool trademarks, a flaming skull and a fiery chopper are reduced to Velveeta slices. No, damn you, sir”, “Not as dreadful as the studio's decision to withhold press screenings until less than 24 hours before opening day would suggest, but not especially good either” and “It all seems so wearyingly old fashioned: teenage delinquents on motorbikes, creaky incarnations of Satan, a rock 'n' roll take on dangerous cool”. But others seem to like it calling the movie saying that “It's ridiculous, likable, with some pleasing reminders of the Blade movies” and “This strange amalgamation of Texas Ranger lore, NASCAR bravado, and the-Devil-and-Daniel-Webster trickery keeps the campy fun revving just enough that you can't completely hate it”

I for one completely love this movie and still re-watch it to this day. Nicholas Cage is extremely entertaining and him as ghost rider is a joy to watch.

46. Fantastic Four (2005) Tomatoes Meter Score: 27%

Fantastic Four makes its 2nd appearance in the bottom half of the list showing FOX’s incapability of making a decent movie about MARVEL’s first family. Although not as bad as the 2015 remake 10 years later this movie divided audience and critics alike. This is also the first appearance of Chris Evans in a Marvel movie before his role as Captain America in the MCU. This is another origin for the Fantastic 4 where they get their powers from a freak accident and have to battle the rival Doctor Doom.

Like Ghost Rider critics were mixed on this movie but were mostly negative. Reviews like “Bland performances throughout”, “Before the inevitable and surprisingly anticlimactic battle with Doom, we are treated to two extreme-sports demonstrations, several training montages, and an ill-advised love triangle” and even an outdated review like“Fantastic Four is anything but, and should serve as an indication that maybe it’s time to put the brakes on the current avalanche of comic book adaptations”.

I was a kid when this movie came out and enjoyed it the first time out. But upon repeat viewing I can see the problems and why people don’t like this movie.

45. The Punisher (1989) (Tomatoes Meter Score: 28%)

The first of three back to back punisher entries into this list. Frank Castle’s first entry into the world of movies was an ok one. Despite the always awesome Dolph Lundgren with a cross bow the punisher was a boring one man battle with never ending action scenes. Action movie lovers will like this movie but the plot is a simple one. This movie didn’t get a theatrical release instead getting a home video release only. The story revolves around Frank Castle whose wife and child were murdered by the mob. He is now presumed dead but has gone under-ground vengefully killing criminals with a body count of 125 right now.

Some critics panned the movie as “A terrible one-man-army action flick.” and “The movie is marred by cheeseball sets and special effects, lame fight sequences, and some of the worst acting ever to disgrace the screen.” But critics also praised the action in the movie reviewing the movies as “Destructive, reprehensible, and marvelous fun” and “The movie maintained a tongue in cheek attitude toward all the violence and hokum, which made it comic book lite and easier to take”.

The punisher movie is as expected violent and full of action. I love this punisher movie than the later adaptions and the R rating really helps in making the actions scenes seem more enjoyable.

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